Prof. Leonie Barner
Principal Research Fellow and Associate Professor (QUT)

P Block, Level 8, Room P831, Gardens Point Campus
Phone +61 (0)7 3138 0465


Brief Curriculum Vitae
I Visiting Appointments I Research Interests

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Born in Stuttgart, Germany (Australian PR, German Citizen)

Professional Work

since 07/18
Member of the Standing Committee of the Polymer Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)
since 09/17
IFE Platform Leader “Advanced Materials” at QUT
since 05/17
Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Institute for Future Environments (IFE), Brisbane, Australia
11/15 – 04/17
Founding Board Member and Equity Officer of the Centre of Excellence (Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 1176) ‘Molecular Structuring of Soft Matter’, continued principle investigator to 2019
06/13 – 04/17
Associate Professor (fractional) at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
10/11 – 03/17
Head of the Soft Matter Synthesis Lab at the Institute of Biological Interfaces and Deputy Department Head at the Institute of Functional Interfaces (Novel Polymers and Biomaterials, Prof. J. Lahann), at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
10/08 – 09/11
Senior Research Scientist and Project Leader at the ‘Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie’ (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany
07/07 – 06/08 
Senior Research Fellow and Research Manager, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
12/03 – 06/07
Senior Research Associate and Research Manager, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
10/02 – 11/03  
Senior Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
02/01 – 09/02
Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
10/98 – 01/01
Senior Research Chemist, Research and Development, Separation Technology, Sartorius AG, Germany
02/98 – 09/98  
Research Assistant, University of Göttingen, Germany


Visiting Appointments

07/12 – 08/12 
Visiting Researcher at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (Prof. Dr. Greg Russell)
Visiting Researcher at Macromolecular Chemistry II, University of Bayreuth, Germany (Prof. Axel Müller)


06/94 – 01/98   

Dr. rer. nat. Thesis, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany. Advisor: Prof. Dr. M. Buback. Thesis Title: ‘Molecular Modeling of Kinetic Rate Coefficients for the Unimolecular Decay of Organic Peroxides and Experimental Determination of these Coefficients in Supercritical CO2’ ‘magna cum laude’.

06/94 – 01/98   Member of the ‘Graduiertenkolleg’ "Kinetik und Selektivität chemischer Prozesse in verdichteter fluider Phase" at the Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany
01/96 – 06/98   Member of the DFG Sonderforschungsbereich 357 „Molekulare Mechanismen unimolekularer Prozesse“
05/94    Diploma (equivalent to Master) in Chemistry Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany, Advisor: Prof. Dr. M. Buback. Thesis Title: ‘Spectroscopic Study of Repetitive Diels-Alder Reactions in Condensed Fluid Phase’ Grade ‘sehr gut’
07/93 – 09/93   Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry at the Universität Kassel, Germany, and at the Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany, main focus Polymer and Applied Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Until 05/89  High-School Education in Kassel, Germany

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Networks and Hydrogels, Polymeric Microspheres as well as Nanoparticles
  • Surface Modification via Advanced Polymerization Techniques
  • Gamma- and UV-Initiated Radical Polymerization Processes in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Systems
  • Kinetic and Mechanistic Investigations into Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT), NMP and SET/ATRP Processes
  • RAFT Agent Design, RAFT Polymer Design
  • Novel Synthetic Approaches to Complex Macromolecular Designs: (Light Triggered) Pericyclic Reactions Combined with Living Polymerization
  • Novel Ultra-Fast Orthogonal Ligation Protocols; Light Triggered Ligation for Spatially and Temporally Controlled Surface Design
  • Organic and Aqueous SEC
  • XPS, ToF-SIMS, AFM and Ellipsometry
  • Modification of Particle Surfaces by Conjugation; Micro/Nanosphere Design
  • Macromonomers as Macromolecular Building Blocks
  • Stimuli-Responsive Polymers
  • Glycopolymers Prepared via Living Free Radical Polymerization Methodologies
  • Functional Microspheres for Biomedical and Chromatographic Applications